Health Safety, Environment And Housekeeping

AIPL accords prime importance to occupational health, safety, environment and housekeeping at its project sites. The HSE Cell of AIPL establishes and monitors the implementation of the project- specific HSE Plan, the hazard identification, risk assessment & control register and the emergency response plan for every establishment of AIPL

The HSE Cell of AIPL has implemented the practice of routine inspection of work place, camp area, store, Plant & Machinery, electrical installations etc. and report any shortcomings for needful remedy. It ensures compliance with the requirement of personal protection equipment for all staff and workmen at project sites. It monitors the periodic testing of Plant & Machinery to ensure their safe operations.

Utilisation of natural resources is sought to be maximized by AIPL, such as daylight working by starting work early. Importance of housekeeping, proper drainage, sanitation, hygiene and debris management at the work place is stressed by AIPL, for securing occupational health and environment.